Friday, August 5, 2011

The rise and rise of legal blogging in India

If you had asked someone a couple of years back on websites or blogs that were specific to legal topics, they would have just stared at you as if you were asking them about UFOs.

Today, there are so many such places that it is difficult to keep a track of what's going on in all these places.

What does this mean to an average law student?

It means a lot more scope to develop your writing skills. It's a platform like never before. You can create a brand name for yourself. Blogging is a very efficient way to learn drafting. It improves the way we use simple and short paragraphs to get our point across. It helps you put your thoughts into words. And ofcourse you get to know a lot of stuff that you would usually not hear about in class. The new developments in concepts, case laws, explanation of concepts, the sarcastic posts and how can we forget, the 'my law school is better than yours' fights. It's all there.

I personally started blogging with Legally India. I blog under the user name 'Napster'. I realised the power of regular legal blogging when one of the juniors in my college came to me and asked me if I was 'The Napster'. It was funny and heart warming and felt good. You can experience it too. Just pick a website from the list below and start writing.

The first one I found out was Legally India. It's a legal news website but has a rather well updated blogs section as well. Also, there is the Mooting premier league, the recruitment statistics etc are a great addition. A great place to get all round information.

Bar and Bench is also pretty similar. They are basically competitors but both of them do a great job. There is enough space in the Indian market for the both of them to prosper.

Lawctopus is also a great website. Its run by students but all the work is done very professionally. It has a homely feeling to it. You can relate to a lot of their posts. Plus they have interesting display pictures on their facebook dp.

Mighty Laws is also a student run website. It got a lot of publicity through its recently concluded blogging competition. It has a very simple and clean look. A bit more frequency in posts would make it a lot better. 
(The website is currently not working. I will update this once it starts working. Till then, here's their facebook page.)

Mylaw is the one that has made the most sensational entry into the blogging arena. They have big shots in their arsenal and post 4-5 articles almost everyday. They might steal the show just on the basis of sheer volume of posts. Although, the quality of the posts are pretty good too. 

Corporate Law Blogs, Spicy IP and Law and Other things are blogs which have been running for a long time now but they have become very popular in the past year or so. They are very regular in posting. They have a great base of writers who contribute good articles. 

Lawcrates and Legalpulp are relatively new and I don't know much about them but my first impression of them is good. They look all set to give the others a run for their money.

The Legal Blog is something I found out about just yesterday. It looks great. It has a lot of interesting posts. Very well researched. It seems like it has a lot of lawyers who blog.

Law is Greek is one more place which has been around for a while now. They have been doing well. The website is more organised now and the material available is also plenty.

Apart from these blogging websites, we also have Legally Drawn, a website with cartoon strips about lawyers and their lives. We also have Project Cloud. A one stop destination for details on upcoming conferences, journals, seminar and competitions.

We also have LegalEagle. They give legal news and latest judgements. They also have a mobile subscription thing which means that they will SMS you the news/judgement and that too free of cost. Manupatra should also learn from them in that aspect. Here's the facebook page. Go like it.

So you can see that the world of legal literature is growing. It's very good news for bloggers and people who want to write blogs as a hobby. The best part is, there might be a lot of these websites out there. The above list is just the ones I know. If you know more then do send me a link via comments. I will check it out and post a review.

So what are you waiting for?

Start writing!

P.S. - I wonder if blogging websites would be willing to give a token payment to people to write blogs. It would mean more visitors for them and a a small motivation for bloggers to post more frequently.



  1. For all sorts of legal news and latest judgments - LegalEagle -

    (Still gathering enough money for an independent website) :D

  2. Haha. I am doing the same. :D I'll add you guys to the list :)


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