About Me

Who am I ?

I am Apoorv.

My twitter bio states:
Indian. Teach for India Fellow. Lawyer. Blogger. Certified Mediator. Waderlust-er. All wrapped in one.
My twitter handle is : apoorv3E

I love to read. I like debates. I love travelling. I like all forms of transportation. I am a blabbermouth. I am an internet addict. I read blogs, news articles and just about everything that people can dish out. I have a tendency of thinking about random stuff almost all the time. I observe stuff that people don't. I draw various conclusions from them. I am a bit erratic that way. My friends tell me that I have a good sense of humour. Whether they are sarcastic or not, I don't know. :P

I like to meet new people but I have very few close friends. I don't beat around the bush. I like to call a spade a spade. I am a single child. I am spoilt. I am selfish. I believe in equality of the sexes.

One question, why are you still reading this ?

I mean, will you seriously believe everything that is written here? If yes, then I would like to add that I am Batman.

Now to borrow a line from a friend. 'The rest, you either know, or don't need to know.'

Keep Smiling! [It always works]

P.S. :
Dear prospective recruiters,
Don't judge me based on this blog. I am a lot nicer in real life.
Future Employee.
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