Thursday, August 25, 2011

I am on a fast until...

I am going the Anna Hazare way. Shh. I shouldn't say that. I am fighting for my rights. For our rights. Since the past two decades or so we have suffered enough. By we I mean bloggers. We have written millions of articles. Researched for a lot of them. Emailed it to so many friends that we ended up in their spam lists. We worked hard so that people would have quality blogs to read. We put effort into each blog.

What do we get in return?

2-3 'nice post' comments. An occasional interesting comment. Sometimes not even that. The blog gets lost in the online universe. Never to be seen again. Add to this the fact that research has shown that only 5% of the people who read online blogs actually write one. So for every 20 people in the online world, there is just one person who writes and the rest just read stuff! Sometimes we even go to the extent of pasting random emails as blogs. It takes effort. 

We have remained quite for a long time now. I have finally decided to get inspired by Anna and fast for our rights. 

Fight for our 'Right to be Appreciated'. 

I am going on a fast right after dinner and I will not end it as long as all my demands are met. I am pretty serious. I am even wearing a gandhi topi and white clothes. 

We have the following demands:

1. Google should rank my blog as the best among all blogs from India. my page rank should be highest. 
2. Everyone should compulsorily read my blog and comment on it or like it or tweet about it or +1 it. 
3. Everyone who comes online has to be compulsorily directed to my blog. 
4. My blog should be even more important than the president's and the prime minister's blog. 
5. The views expressed in my blog should be be like Caesar's wife. Above suspicion. 
6. My blog's link should the first link to come up whenever anyone searches anything online.
7. This particular blog post should get 500+ facebook likes and 200 +1's and should be RT-ed by 1000 people. 

I am not ready to compromise on any of these demands. It's been a long time since I have been writing to Google about the importance of my blog but I have not received any reply. This is just preposterous. 

I will be sitting online on Gtalk with my 4 trusted followers. I am sure we will get the support of thousands of bloggers who we will portray as lakhs. Let the google guys come and talk to us directly. We will suggest a 'Right to Bullshit' Amendment in their publishing rules and hence make our reign supreme. 

Our timing is perfect, EPL has not warmed up yet and Indian team has lost to England. Everything is planned. See on Gtalk. 

P.S. - Please do not call me by my real name. Nick names are cooler. Henceforth, refer to me as Napster Baba. My core team should be called the Nappies. #likeaboss

Yes I have taken this photos from somewhere else. No, I will not tell you from where. Sue me, bitch!


  1. Love the photos. Love the post even more. ;)

  2. Nice post.


    Seriously ... Loved it, and I kind of understand your feelings.

    I used to blog at one point of time ... but stopped for the exact same reason you are fasting.

  3. Reading through the lines, I found a great piece of satire in there! Your method of fighting and your demands were a nice mock to the current situation.

  4. Lol!. i guess all bloggers understand your sentiments. i am more of a reader and i must apologize all the bloggers whose post i have read and i never commented. your post made me lament on my actions. Thank You.

    i liked the sarcasm of the entire situation.

  5. i like the 7 points...they are so on the face..!! :P


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