Saturday, July 2, 2011

Don't be a Pappu

Let's call the Indian, Pappu. He lives in:

401, Super Apartments,
Link Road, Sector 21,

What will Pappu say in different situation?
Pappu to an American: "Asia is way better than all other continents. We have..."

Pappu to an Thai: "BRIC countries FTW!"

Pappu to a Brazilian: "India man, that's the place to be."

Pappu to a Bihari: "Metro cities are the heart and soul of the country."

Pappu to a Mumbaiker: "Delhi is waaay better."

Pappu to a resident of Sector 15: "Sector 21 is the poshest area dude."

Pappu to a resident of MG Road in Sector 21: "Link Road has everything. Its the best."

Pappu to a resident of Duper Apartment, Link road, Sector 21: "Our apartment is more organised and classy then yours."

Pappu to his neighbor: "We have an amazing view of the garden from our balcony."

I am guessing you got the drift.

This happens all the time. Pappu doesn't change. He just says different things when he is with different people. We Indian will be competitive about anything and everything. Albeit it does not motivate us to improve things, we just argue a lot.

Next time someone tells you something like this, remember the Pappu example.

P.S. - Pappu being from Delhi is just an example. Pappu can be anyone from anywhere.

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