Friday, November 19, 2010

My views on Flipkart

Flipkart: The store at your door.

It is a website which sells books, movies, music, games and mobiles. Their tag line is "The store at your door."

First of all I have to admit that I am mighty impressed by the service given by Flipkart. I had ordered a book named Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I got the book at my door step in perfect condition, with the option of cash on delivery and above that there was a nice little bookmark in it. Their system is like clockwork. They already have a lot of books and they try to add books based on your suggestions too. They have an easy to operate website and numerous check and balances to see to it that their customer is satisfied. They even called me the day after my book was delivered. I have not seen such a high level of service in any online website. 

Inspite of all these awesome features I personally think there is some room for improvement. These are not exactly problems with the service, they are just improvements. It is what you call the icing on the cake. Although this cake already has some icing, the suggestions might make it even better. :)

  • I can see that the website has a gift voucher system. I think what would be even better is having an option to send a book as a birthday gift. If I want to gift a friend a book I cannot send it by just giving his/her address as the delivery spot because the box that you send the books in keeps the book safe but looks very clumsy when you get it for a birthday gift. So if we had an option of sending a gift wrapped box which does not have the price of the book written on it then it would be perfect. If I am staying in Ahmedabad and I want to send a gift to a friend in Bombay then I can do it easily. It's so much better than having to courier a book or a mobile phone on our own.
  • The website doesn't let you choose the time of delivery. It is sometimes inconvenient for the customer to not get the book on time just because the courier guy came in that three hour period when the customer had gone out. If we could have an option of mentioning the timings during which we are at the delivery address it would be more convenient for both us and the courier company. 
  • There are so many students in India who don't even know that your website exists. They buy books from stores and pay more for it. I think that if you they find out that there are books available online that too at a discount then they will pounce on you. Send a small poster or something to all the big colleges across the country. It will be the cheapest and the most effective marketing trick ever. I have seen websites grow because of it and hence suggesting this.

Well I don't have anything else to say as of now. You guys are doing a great job and I wish you continue with it. The above suggestions are just something that I have been thinking about. Hope this helps.

Flipkart can be found at their website, facebook page and twitter



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