Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love in the times of Law School

In Law schools, relationships mainly start due to boredom.

Yes, that what I believe. I have seen it and I think a lot of people have too.
I have to clarify. I am not talking about all the relationships. I am talking about a ‘majority’ of them. Love and law are two separate concepts. Although in a law school, they come together.

People in law schools are away from their families. They have almost no extra-curricular activity which keeps them busy all day long. They long for friendship. They long for a family. They want to be loved.

So, what do they do?

Well, they ‘fall in love’. Pretty simple.

It’s an extra-curricular activity. There are a few exceptions though. There are a few people who are not successful and then are others who although have nothing to do, do not pursue any such adventures.

I might not be completely true but I am pretty sure that I am true in a lot of cases. I am not talking about just people in my college. This is the situation in a lot of residential colleges.

There are couples. They roam around together. They ‘enjoy’ in their free time. They watch movies together. They share emotions. They go for trips to nearby tourist destinations. They are like a proper couple, without the emotions.
The messed up part is that both of them know it, but both of them want it, so no one will say anything.

They work on the principle that our country works on, “Jab tak chal raha hai, chalne do.” (As long as something works, let it go on). After 5 years or whatever the length of the course is, they go their separate ways and live happily ever after. There are a few fortunate people who end up marrying their ‘time-pass’.
I personally think that there are more constructive things that can be done.

Do whatever makes you happy.

Yes I am judging.



P.S.- This post first appeared on my blog on Legally India: Love in the times of Law School

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