Friday, September 9, 2011

The obsession with being Awesome!

We all want to be awesome, don't we?

Awesome in everything we do. It's become so bad that now sometimes if we don't think we have lived up to our awesomeness level, we are not happy with our performance. It's a good thing to try to keep improving and also trying to be the best but I don't think its healthy to lament over the fact that someone is more awesome than you are. It is unhealthy competition.

A few years ago it used to be who gets more marks, who gets a higher rank, who talks to most girls/guys, who got selected for the debate team, who had the coolest watch or the coolest cycle or even compass box. Life used to be simple.

Now we have people who are desperate for 'likes' on their status messages and their profile pictures. We have people who want you to RT their tweet. We have people who judge you by the number of friends you have. We even have people who think that they will become waaay more cooler if they say something funny/silly/witty on your serious post and get a few likes. Even when we are in a classroom. Saying something cheeky is almost a rule now. If you are not funny, you are not interesting.

We have all become wannabe awesome. I don't know if this post makes sense to you. I am not able to put it down properly. I hope you get what I am trying to say.

I personally find all this very disturbing. I know I know. I might also being doing it but we all know that humans don't judge themselves, that's why we have our so called friends. :)

Why would I want to be that cool witty kid? Why can't I be that quite but smart guy? Why do I have to live up to the expectation that stupid and fake people have for me? Why can't I just be myself and not have to explain myself to every tom dick harry and jane?

We are all wearing a mask. It is okay sometimes but the situation right now is going south. We don't want to remove this mask. We want to 'act' like we are awesome.

I know that as soon as we hear the word Awesome, the first person and the first quote that comes to our mind is this:

But my question to you is, why can't we just be normal? Be who we are without any regrets or reservations.

I have a t-shirt which says 'Fake Plastic People'. I wear it a lot. It's what I think the people of the world have become.

P.S. - I am not exactly sure if I have been able to put my point across to you properly. Maybe its because there are a lot of things going on in my mind right now or maybe I am just lousy at writing on such topics. :P

Anyways, do let me know what you think about it. :)



  1. I loved what you wrote..!! The fact that people like their own status and photos to increase the like...i mean its pretty obvious, they like it..!! :P

  2. What is written in this post has been going through my mind since a long time. But as for your question, why can't one be normal, I think I have an answer. Because we are simply not good enough for ourselves. We want to be everything that all the people around us are and more - witty, brainy, cool and, as you rightly put it, awesome. Being "me" is not good enough because 'me' might be fine with my parents, friends, even God for that matter, but certainly not for people around me. After all, they're the people that matter, right? The others are going to have to put up with you anyway. And the funny thing is, everyone else is so busy in this obsession with being awesome that no one actually is noticing anyone else.

    I'm not sure whether this made any sense. :\

  3. The obsession is with being liked by everybody. Having atleast 20 likes on every status message and photo. Ctrl+c/Ctrl+p the coolest one liner so that one's trp increases. At some level it's Darwinian- Nobody wants to be left. It's a battle for being the most popular guy/girl, everybody wants that spot.

  4. Hey! You have put down your thought in a very frank and honest manner. Though you seems to be some what prejudiced . I agree most of the people might be cracking jokes or try to be cool(by wearing bandana, spikey hair etc.)just to impress others and by doing so they are doing harm to none other than themselves. But some people are really funny by nature, cracking jokes etc come naturally to them. While some people are introvert who like to be quiet , patient and observe, Extroverts like to be energized around people, interact with them, like demonstrating their wittiness. So i guess it comes naturally to them. I would like to draw your attention to one of your own comments in the first para :

    "It's a good thing to try to keep improving and also trying to be the best but I don't think its healthy to lament over the fact that someone is more awesome than you are. It is unhealthy competition".

    So it seems to me you cant accept the fact that some people are more awesome than me/you. Well that's just my view.


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