Sunday, September 18, 2011

Law student and the Art of Juggling!

Yes, that's what all law students need to learn. Juggling!!

We have to juggle lots of things if we want to do something meaningful with our life.

To list a few of the things we need to juggle with: Books, CGPA, Research Papers, Making contacts, Moots, Debates, Sports, Travelling, Hobbies, Internships, Committees, Journals, Organizing team and Attendance.

List of a few things you should not juggle: Friends (most important), Relationships, Health, Values, Passion for something, Ethics,  Morals, Integrity and Trust.

If you can remember just this much, I am sure you will be happier than you were before. :)

This list might only be something law students can relate to but I guess the 'should not juggle' list is pretty much applicable to everyone.

It doesn't matter what you juggle, it matters what you don't juggle.

P.S. - I might sound like a preacher, but I'm not the only one. :)

Go Juggle!

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