Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Employment Dilemma

India might be one of the very few countries which have the unique problem of coexistence of Unemployment and lack of man power, at the same time. It's ironic.

On one side we have a very large portion of our country's population which is looking for a job and on the other side we have companies and other institutions claiming that they are not able to get enough people to fill in their vacancies.

How can this happen?

Some people say that it is because the unemployed youth is not skilled and the demand is only for skilled people. Okay. I accept. But then why are there not many training institutes which can transform these unskilled but willing people to skilled, employable people?

NIIT has training institutes which are a huge success. They have contributed more to the Indian economy than a lot of established universities. They have created employable youth. There is no bigger service to society.

Although, my reason for writing this post is different. I recently read some stuff about jobs offered to students to National Law Schools. Students are made to believe that they have a higher chance of getting a job if they go to a certain university. I would like to change the statement, ' They have a higher chance of getting a better job if they go to a certain university'. I believe that students from all universities will get jobs. It's just a matter of persistence.

India is growing. Professionals are in demand and will be in demand for a long long time. We don't just need more lawyers. We need more professionals in general. We need efficient and more doctors, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, drivers etc. Everyone has a scope to get a job. 

Okay, this might seem a bit too optimistic but I am not bluffing. I have talked to a lot of HR managers in companies and they have all told me that there is always a demand for good professionals. They have to take under qualified or not so good professionals just because there are not many available. 

So don't choose a profession if you don't like it just because the job prospects are good. Job prospects will always be good. You just have to be efficient. 

You might have to relocate and you might not get the salary that 'you think you deserve' but I am pretty sure you'll get a job. 

All the unskilled people out there can become drivers, traffic policemen, courier guys, work for fast food chains and other such jobs. No offence to any of these professions. No job is small. Everyone has to learn dignity of labor. It's better to have a small job rather than be unemployed. 

So well, do what you want to but do it well. If you do your part then you will definitely find means to survive. Everyone who knows how to work, will find a job. The only people who don't get jobs are the ones who don't want one. Sometimes, all you need to do is keep trying. You'll get it.

P.S. - No offence to anyone. Just my view. Nothing personal. :) Also, I am a bit tired right now so this might not be my best work on this topic but yes, this is my view. If you disagree then post your view in the comments section. I will be happy to 'talk it out'. :) 

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