Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing

This amazing marketing book is written by Al Ries and Jack Trout. It’s a pretty old book but it still holds its own in today’s world. It is not too long and hence not boring. The length assures that people who are interested after reading the title don’t let it go just because ‘It’ll take a lot of time to read it completely’.

It’s an easy to understand and easily implementable book. The laws are simple and to the point. The examples given are relevant. The predictions made in the book are now verifiable. Almost all of them have come true.

Their analysis of companies and their marketing strategies is immaculate. The writers have shown how complex marketing strategies make or break just because of one simple thing. Their analysis of companies like Coke, Pepsi, IBM, Xerox and Apple are very interesting.

If you believe in ‘learning from other people’s mistakes’ then this book is exactly that. It is almost compulsory to follow these rules if you about to start out with a new product. The laws can be easily followed. All you need to do is read them carefully and understand how to implement them in your case.

Enough from me, read the book for more.

You can buy it on Flipkart and on Amazon.

It is reasonably priced. Actually, that’s nothing compared to what it will help you save. Hell, good things don’t always come cheap.

To know more about the book, shoot questions through comments. 

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