Sunday, September 8, 2013

Manmohan Singh should revolt.

Warning: This article is not a well researched, well thought out post that you will read. It is just one of the crazy ideas that came to my mind today morning.

Manmohan Singh is one guy whom the entire country has seen but only a few have seen him speak. Also, almost everyone agrees that whatever he speaks has been approved/allowed by Sonia Gandhi. It is a very sorry state of affairs when a country's prime minister tweets from his official account that he would be happy to work under someone else after the next elections.

It hurts even more when the person in question is the man who played a very important role in reforming a few sectors in India in 1991. It is still regarded as the day India got economic independence for the first time.

Manmohan Singh was held in very high regard and to see him go from there to a level where people of the country joke about his competency is really sad.

Now, what he can he do to earn back the respect that he commanded?

Step 1 - Leave Congress. Join a party which he thinks can form a government.
Step 2 - Tell the country why he went from being a free market economist to a socialist.
Step 3 - Tell the country about his working relationship with Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in detail.
Step 4 - Tell the country what he really thinks about the schemes that the Congress government has passed.
Step 5 - Orchestrate the change in government in the 2014 elections.
Step 6 - Try to convince the new government to make him the Finance Minister or something similar.
Step 7 - Bring the country back on the right track.
Step 8 - Smile and talk.

If he does this, it will have positive effects on a lot of things/people:

1. People's faith in him.
2. People's faith in politicians in general.
3. Country's economy.
4. Parties opposing Congress.
5. Tax payers who are frustrated to see their money being wasted on money-draining schemes.
6. Other politicians who are acting as puppets will be inspired to revolt.

I realise that this is something that has almost no chance of happening but just imagine the consequences on the Indian political system if its does.

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  1. Step 8 - Smile and talk. Cute. There has been a long time since we have had faith in any politician. Would love to have a proper educated leader for once.


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