Monday, October 17, 2011

Star Network and The Art of being Patient

A couple of nights ago, I sat down to watch Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara on Star Plus at 9pm. 

It's a good movie. I had seen it earlier. Parents had not. We sat down, hoping for a good time. 

Little did we know, the channel would decide to play spoil sport. 

The movie began on time. They were showing the movie with adverts coming after every 15 mins or so. The length of the advert was around 3-4 minutes. It seems very short to us and we were pleasantly surprised. 

Slowly and gradually, in a way that only a few would notice in the beginning. The duration of the adverts began to increase. From 4 to 6 to 10 mins. So by the time it was around 11:30, the channel showed us 15 minutes of movie and 10 minutes of adverts. 

I started getting irritated. It was not because they were trying to fool us and getting away with it but it was because they were spoiling the charm of the movie. 

Right when I thought it could not get worse, they started showing less of the movie and more of the adverts. I was totally like WTF! 

For every 10 minutes of movie, I was made to sit through 15 mins of annoying and repetitive adverts. The movie that was supposed to end at 00:30 am had reached the penultimate scene at that time. The adverts started then. I moved around the house, waiting for the movie to end. 

I am a fan of the last song 'Suraj Ki Bahoon Mein' that comes with the credits. I had seen the movie earlier and was waiting specially for that song. 

And what do you know, for 25 minutes they showed advertisements and then cut directly to a soap opera!! :| 

I was angry. How can they cut out the last scene and the credits? I mean, does that not violate any rights of the people who worked for the movie? [tried looking for a law, couldn't find anything]

My dad, who had been asking me not to reveal the plot since the beginning, now wanted to know how it ends. :D

I spent the last 30 minutes of that night asking myself how ethical it was for Star Network to do this. 

Increasing the length of adverts in between, cutting movie scenes and not showing the credits of the movie. I am all for profit making but not at the cost of quality. I wish Star was more careful.

I am one dissatisfied customer. When I pay for a movie, I want to see it completely and without some Network trying to pull a fast one on me. So I thought I would write a post about it. Everyone who thinks this is something sad and should be stopped, share this post or atleast the contents. 

Dear Star Network,
Hum aapke customer banenge na dobara.
Guy with unlimited internet and limited time. 

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