Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani and Social Entrepreneurship

I woke up in the morning to the news of Ratan Tata accusing Mukesh Ambani about his lack of concern for the poor around his billion dollar house, Antilla. This is front page news in the Times of India Ahmedabad edition.

I personally don't like Ratan Tata so this post might be biased. The man is the biggest sham I have ever seen. Scams have caught up to him though.

Now coming to the point.

I don't think any person who has earned money one his own should have any kind of social pressure to give it to charity. Why give money when you can create jobs? I think that entrepreneurs are the ones who do their bit for the society everyday. Employment is a big thing. It gives money to people who deserve it and who are willing to work for it. Charity is sometimes controversial as not all NGO's are reliable. Sometimes the people who benefit are not exactly the ones that need the help.

Mukesh Ambani has earned a right to stay in a posh apartment. He has worked for it. Why should he give up on his luxuries because people around him are not as rich as him? He is giving jobs to people. He has built infrastructure near his factories. Just like Ratan Tata has almost adopted Jamshedpur, Mukesh Ambani has adopted Jamnagar. So many people work there. The entire city has been uplifted because of the factory there.

Mukesh Ambani is already doing his bit for the poor. He is giving them jobs and that according to me is the best thing that a wealthy person can do.

My last words to Mr Tata will be : "Social Entrepreneurship is not a sub topic of entrepreneurship. All entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship."

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